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About Marie Knoll and Spiritual Aromatherapy

Spiritual Aromatherapy A Few Highlights of this Amazing Course!
Improve Moods and Control Emotions—Learn Ancient Master “Secret Knowledge” oft he mental and emotional properties of oils. Special application points to instantly adjust moods, lessen depression, focus concentration, and create an attitude of confidence.

Stations of the Soul—Identify the stages of spiritual growth and discover which diseases are caused by imbalance of the soul—
and how to correct them! Learn how to correct he stations of Egotism, Heart, Soul, Divine Secrets and Divine Unity. Plus details of the most
powerful spiritual oils, and the best ways in which to use them.

Use the "Scents of the Prophets"—Amber, Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine and many more, to attune the mind and emotions, and to dispel evil and bad psychic forces, to calm the mind and emotions for meditation and beautiful contemplation.

How to Make Your Own—Massage oils, Lotions, Beauty and hair care, Salves, Incense, and more, using Attars and essential oils,.

How to grade oils, quality and types of manufacture, and proper oils to use to extend expensive oils.
Learn the foundations of Unani Tibb medicine and how to use the 6 lifestyle factors to enhance your health and happiness.
8 full class days of two days each including hands on applications of the principals.

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Practical Information—Complete with Handbook, Hands on lessons, Aromatherapy Chart and Professional Aromatherapy Kit of 9 healing oils in a beautiful wooden keepsake box. How to use solid resins and blending them into beautiful creations for healing. How to use Amber resins for beauty and emotional healing and how to use them in creating cosmetics and massage oils. As well as a short introductory into the world or herbal medicine making. PLUS, PLUS, PLUS!!!

TESTIMONIALS: “The course itself was life changing. The subject matter was like nothing I'd ever learned about before which is what made it so darn exciting. We couldn't get enough. What I really appreciated as a generality was how laid back and comfortable I felt. I left this course feeling more connected to myself than I ever have before, as well as connected to others in such a unique way. I adored this course and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to learn more about themselves and others and to apply that knowledge to better their life and the lives of others. It's truly a beautiful experience and a great way to further your path to enlightenment."

Cydney Port Alberni, BC

“the spiritual aromatherapy class has helped me realize my self. It has been so far a subtle awaking . I feel more at peace with those around me.”

Caren Port Alberni, BC

My dear, dear Marie, words cannot express my appreciation and absolute overwhelming emotions going through your manual. One of my dreams has always been to increase spirituality in all faiths of the Abrahamic scriptures. You have achieved this – may the Almighty bless and reward you for taking participants on a journey towards their creator. Also most impressive is how you have brought in the use of aromatherapy in its practical application for many common ailments in Module 9. Once again congratulations and well done.”

Prof. Rashid Bhika PhD Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb—South Aftrica