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twisted willow studio port alberni health wellness yoga

Jennifer Klassen
Santosha Skin & Body Therapy

jennifer Klassen twisted willow studio port alberni


Healthy skin affects us in many different ways. Our face is our first impression in the world and we want it to be the best possible. Having grown up with troubled skin and an acne diagnosis at sixteen, I understand how confusing and heartbreaking any skin issue can be. I know the emotional and physical struggle of trying everything and not seeing any improvement.

As a Skin Therapist I help my clients overcome concerns both big and small to live with their best skin ever. Through years of experience and research I have gained a no-nonsense and results oriented approach to skin health. There are no miracle creams but with the right combination of personalized treatments and strategic home care we can achieve your skin goals.

With the rapid increase of hazardous chemicals in our environments I strive towards clean living in my personal and professional life. This is why I choose to work with dermalogica skin care as it balances botanical and naturally derived ingredients with ground-breaking science to solve our skin concerns. Elate Clean Cosmetics ensures a non-toxic makeup kit without giving up great colours and coverage.

Santosha is an ancient yoga concept meaning to cultivate contentment and acceptance in your life. I encourage you to see your treatment as time to restore balance, peace and harmony in your body & busy day.

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