Twisted Willow Studio wellness yoga port alberni
twisted willow studio port alberni health wellness yoga

About Our Owner/Instructor - Livi De Rooy

twisted willow studio port alberni health wellness yoga

From a young age Livi had inspirational individuals who guided her towards holistic wellness, through difficult health problems. Her Mom was the first to introduce Livi to natural holistic living, and it stuck, hard.

She can’t quite recall when Yoga crossed her path, though she knows it was her Moms doing, but she has been blessed with many knowledgeable elders coming into her life, to guide and inspire her. From her first instructions of Reiki, to medicine making, Livi knew she wanted to give to her community, and help those who want to be living in peace with ones mind, body and spirit.

Many paths interlinked, and it wasn’t until her Yoga Fitness Leader Training and 200hr Level Yoga Instruction training with Red Door Yoga, where she saw all paths merge to create joyful, healthy living.

Since her training, Livi has begun her BCRPA Personal and Group Fitness Training, as well as actively finishing her 500hr Yoga Instructor Training and Ayurvedic Yoga Training with Red Door Yoga. With a heavy list of what is to come next.

When Livi isn’t teaching, or doing continuing education, she enjoys dancing with Mackenzie School of Dance as a Cechetti Ballet dancer, and attributes that much of her self-study began with Mrs. Mackenzie in learning about herself, gaining confidence, and learning her voice through physical expression of dance.

She also enjoys getting her hands in the garden, and in more recent years learning wild crafting; Baking and Creating are also hobbies that Livi enjoys spending her time with, but there is always time for a good book and cup of tea.

Livi loves to spend time with her partner, their cat and pet lizard. Travels always take them adventuring in local, and far of places.