Twisted Willow Studio wellness yoga port alberni
twisted willow studo wellness yoga studio port alberni

Class Considerations

Below are ways of showing the studio, your fellow students and yourself respect, and helping ensure that we all nuture an effective and enjoyable enviroment for our place of learning.

We ask that all students follow these etiquette points at Twisted Willow Studio.

Please place all personal belongings in the cubbies provided (shoes, coats, cellphones, bags, etc) The studio is a place of mental freedom and tranquility—a cluttered space also clutters the mind.

Please refrain from bringing any valuables with you to the studio – leaving them behind allows for a clear, unattached mind.

Please make sure your cellphones are turned off (both vibration and ring tones) when left in the cubbies.

Please aim to arrive a couple minutes early for class, as late arrival disturbs others and you run the risk of missing important warm-ups.

Please inform the teacher prior to class if you have any health conditions such as neck, back, or joint injuries, recent surgery, high blood pressure, etc.

Please try to avoid leaving early as it diminishes the experience, disturbs others and you run the risk of missing important cool-downs.

Please refrain from conversation during class as it also diminishes the experience, disturbs others, and you run the risk of missing important instruction.

Please be mindful of fellow students, and your instructors, and refrain from wearing refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, scented lotions, etc. as some individuals may be allergic to them, and they can make deep breathing uncomfortable.

Please take all garbage you bring or create away with you when you leave the studio. This is part of your mindfulness practice.

Thank you sincerely for your attention to these considerations.